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Virtual Jobs at AeroSoft On The Job Training As Blogger For Freshers BE / MBA / MCA

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Virtual Jobs at AeroSoft
On The Job Training As Blogger
For Freshers BE / MBA / MCA

Become a blogger and get paid.
share your knowledge with us
Blogging is often over looked by people who are 
trying to make money online! Most people think it is
 too hard, but it really is quite easy. 
You really just have to be dedicated to the niche or subject that you choose, 
and try to write on your blog every day. People wont keep coming back if you don't add new,
 fresh content often. Getting paid for blogging is a wonderful way to 
cash in on some online cash!

who can work-graduates, post-graduate, housewifes.....  

Qualification-Graduate in any streams with good command over english.
must be computer savy.

Now a days more people are aware of the  downfall of rising demands for a good Job. People with excellent qualifications, expertise and uptodate knowledge grab the opportunities  for better openings leaving the Freshers with just leftovers. In times like these when no company wishes to hire freshers we at AeroSoft Corp present to you this uniqueily exciting opportunity where "You learn while you work, all at home".

AeroSoft provides a virtual "On Job training". You get to work on Live projects online provided by AeroSoft, in the comforts of your home. 

All your queries will be solved online by our panel of experts. You will own a personalized Web Page and will also be provided with an Official email ID  on the company’s server to be able to execute your tasks in a much needed professional manner. 

We currently hold Vacancies for : [ Topics for Bloggers ] 

Airlines (10 ) , Airport (10 ) , Aviation (10 ) Adventure (88) Advertising (95) Affiliate (86) Android (110) Animals (84) Anime (118) Apple (86) Art (572) Artist (79) Arts (153) Author (70) Baby (78) Baking (69) Basketball (84) Beauty (656) Blog (309) Blogger (316) Blogging (421) Blogs (88) Bollywood (74) Books (367) Business (603) Career (80) Caring (100) Cars (74) Celebrities (90) Celebrity (83) Children (214) Christian (164) College (89) Comedy (113) Computer (267) Computers (146) Cooking (235) Cool (188) Cosmetics (121) Crafts (90) Crazy (86) Creative (124) Cricket (98) Culture (315) Cute (109) Dance (78) Dating (109) Design (263) Development (82) Diet (81) Download (127) Education (408) Electronics (71) Entertainment (694) Entrepreneur (82) Environment (121) Events (101) Facebook (186) Faith (131) Family (697) Fashion (1229) Fiction (78) Film (104) Finance (115) Fitness (184) Food (593) Football (177) Free (159) Friendly (143) Friends (314) Friendship (166) Fun (442) Funny (419) Gadget (75) Gadgets (191) Games (297) Gaming (93) Giveaways (130) 
God (136) Google (101) Gossip (91) Green (138) Hacking (85) 
Hair (79) Happiness (155) Happy (127) Health (648) History (101) 
Home (144) Home Business (74) Honest (110) How To (69) Humor (327) 
Humour (80) India (150) Information (104) Inspiration (160) Internet (396) 
Iphone (112) Islam (82) Jesus (77) Jobs (99) Kids (193) Life (1622) Lifestyle (560) Linux (73) Literature (162) Love (1277) Loving (102) Make Money (148) Make Up (357) Marketing (419) Marriage (122) Media (198) Mobile (133) Mom (137) Money (325) Mother (98) Motherhood (78) Motivation (82) Movie (105) Movies (511) Music (1310) Nature (155) Networking (130) News (540) Nutrition (75) Online (147) Outgoing (72) Painting (73) Parenting (320) People (122) Personal (537) Pets (80) Philippines (82) Philosophy (150) Photography (647) Photos (114) Pictures (84) Poems (126) Poetry (321) Political (92) Politics (523) Programming (85) Psychology (79) Random (138) Reading (117) Real Estate (107) Recipes (181) Relationship (126) Relationships (302) 
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Introduction / Project Brief:

AeroSoft. Corp. aims to offer Online virtual Jobs targeting Freshers from all fields and students from the top 200 Business schools from all over India. Over 4 million students in the U.S. are enrolled in online schools and universities with the number growing to 30% per year. Over 75% of colleges and universities in the U.S. offer online degree programs, with online degrees as respected as "on the ground" degrees.Reasons of accessibility, flexibility or quality, all compel and contribute to the attractiveness of this mode of learning.

How Aerosoft Helps You :

We fill in our employees the zeal, ambition and energy to grow beyond the boundaries of their thoughts. Our regular workshops and training sessions keep them updated to thelatest emerging technologies of their working domain so they are well equipped with the best mind and hands to work and produce the best results for the AeroSoft’s growth. At AeroSoft you will find a work environment full of challenging opportunities pushing you to the limits and ultimately carving out a successful go better in you. We recognize and appriciate hard work and talent and rewards exceptional performances. 
If you have the right attitude , the skills,qualities and the abilities we are looking for then you can be a part of our AeroSoft team. 

Eligibility :

We are looking for Freshers BE / MBA / MCA who:

1.Hold a very Positive Attitude.
2.Are self motivated and go getters.
3.Strive for growth, success and excellence.
4.Are enthusiastic to learn new skills and constantly upgrade themselves .
5.Love/Are passionate about their work and organization.

So if you have it all in you, send in your resumes to us today.

The Concept :

AeroSoft Corp. in association with eLearning zoom presents virtual Jobs for freshers. 
Candidates will be awarded with the Job Experience Certificate from AeroSoft Corp. upon successful 
completion of their OJT or any time during OJT if they needs.

The On The Job Training structure will defer with the subjects You wish to choose.

Introduction / Project Brief:

AeroSoft. Corp. aims to offer Online virtual Jobs targeting Freshers from all fields and students  from the top 200 Business schools from all over India. Over 4 million students in the U.S. are enrolled in online schools and universities with the number growing to 30% per year. Over 75% of colleges and universities in the U.S. offer online degree programs, with online degrees as respected as "on the ground" degrees.Reasons of accessibility, flexibility or quality, all compel and contribute to the attractiveness of this mode of learning.

Edge over others:

Aerosoft corp is rated as India’s best Aviation SEO AeroSoft’s and candidates will gain a definite competitive edge in the field with certification from the best in the industry. These are amongst the many arguments for undertaking an online program or attending a cyber classroom with AeroSoft Corp.:

- Students can "attend" a OJT at anytime, from anywhere.
- Online learning enables student-centered teaching approaches
- Class work can be scheduled around personal and professional work

Students will be lased with the most recent ITskills backed with experience , all ready to take on the job 
market in their stride where others in the industry would still be struggling to keep up with the pace.


1 : Why Should I join Aerosoft ?
ans: Due to heavy recession all over, even the highly qualified professionals are unable to secure new & better openings.You have already invested lot of time in learning & educating yourself & now whats left will be lost in searching a job in this jobless IT market So to quickly upgrade & update you with all the latest in the industry, AeroSoft Corp brings this unique opportunity of learning & updating your HR / Marketing / Sales and IT skills.. to your homes.

2 : What Benefits do I get From this training ?
ans: - Students can "attend" a OJT at anytime, from anywhere. 
- Online learning enables student-centered teaching approaches
- Participating online is much less intimidating than in the classroom.
- The online environment makes instructors more approachable.
- 24/7 accessibility to OJT materials.
- Class work can be scheduled around personal and professional work.
- Eligibility to become an AeroSoft DBA
- Candidates get a personalized web page & Official Email Id
- Official email ID on the company’s server
- Live projects to work on See list here.

3 : What is the positive point of this AeroSoft ?
ans: At AeroSoft you will find a work environment full of challenging opportunities, which carves you into a successful Go Getter.We recognize and appriciate hard work and talent and reward exceptional performances. Aerosoft corp. is rated as India’s best Aviation SEO AeroSoft’s and candidates will gain a definite competitive edge in the field with certification from the best in the industry.

4 : Our colleges have already provided us full knowledge then why this need of joining "on job training" ?
ans: In colleges you gain theoretical knowledge, but after joining this On Job Training programme you will acquire the practical knowledge in the form of live projects to work upon provided by Aerosoft.

5 : When company is providing the training programme then what is the need of this OJT training ?
ans: AeroSoft can give you 6 Months OJT [ On Job Training ].So when after 6-12 months all your fellows would be out dated for the job you will be current & updated with 6-12 months experience in AeroSoft Corp.

6 : What all do i get to learn during this training ? 
ans: AeroSoft delivers an in-depth On Job training covering all live work related to your area of expertise. viz. HR, Marketing or Systems. 

7 : With so many Training institutes in the country to provide training for, why choose AeroSoft out of all ?
ans: Firstly,Aerosoft is not a training institute. It is a new but very well established player in the global Aviation IT market. It is a leading provider of comprehensive Aviation web products, solutions and Aviation internet services. Aerosoft is not giving you another training course. Secondly In other training institutes you need to attend training sessions daily but with Aerosoft oJT is provided online & live projects enable to the students exhibit their capabilities
& enhance their knowledge.

8 : What makes me best after joining this OJT ?
ans: The AeroSoft Aviation SEO training course shows you how to improve the rankings of your website in search engines and Corprease qualified traffic to your Aviation website. The training is based over many years of search engine research and successful search engine optimization for clients. After this OJT you will no more an Unemployed Fresher , but a Well trained Professional of your Area.Monetise

9 : Does AeroSoft would provides me actual paid Job after OJT ?
ans: Aerosoft is not a training institute. Still our Team HR would love to do so. Aerosoft owns and operates many jobsites and your updated CV will 
posted on all those portals complementry. Still we do not provides any Job Guarentee in this recession.

10 : My College and Media says No recession left now ?
ans : If you also can't see recession you do not need to work at AeroSoft. Its a 100% recession proof OJT. 

How to Join          

Checklist For Joining:

Student must send following documents [with CV] listed below.

1. Photocopy of marksheets P.G/Graduation/12th/10th
2. 4 Passport size Coloured photographs.
3. Id proof.
4. Address Proof
5. Medical certificate.
6. Eye test Certificate.
7. Photocopy of passport ( if you have)

Contact Us :

AeroSoft Corp.
A# 108 Ambikapuri Extn, AirPort Road
Indore 452005
T : 0731 - 6452650 / 

Rohit Keshriya(MCA)

Monika Yadav(MCA)

The On The Job Training structure will defer with the subjects You wish to choose.

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